What is the “Neo Black Movement of Africa” aka “Black Axe Confraternity”?

3 years ago

The ”Neo Black Movement of Africa” (NBM) is a Nigerian confraternity, also known as secret cult. It was founded at the University of Benin (in the confraternity’s terminology the “Futa Jallon Temple”) in 1977. NBM is identical with the “Black Axe” campus cult. However, NBM deny this and any campus activity in public. The group is sometimes also referred to as A(i)ye confraternity. The group is involved in every crime under the sun and is anti-democratic to the core (https://najuju.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/corruption-cultists-godfatherism-the-role-of-black-axe-aka-neo-black-movement-in-election-rigging-democracy-in-nigeria/ )